ArcRunner is a beautiful Cyberpunk-styled action rogue-lite set in the far future on board a huge space station where the controlling AI has gone insane, and its up to you to traverse the Arc to find and destroy it.


You start each run as a newly-cloned human, and using credits earned in each level augment and replace your body using robotic and cybernetic enhancements until you’re more machine than human.


The game features frantic 3rd-person action, a randomised weapon and augment system with almost unlimited possible builds, huge bosses to fight and 2-player online co-op.

Here's an early teaser trailer (click bottom-right button for sound):

What makes ArcRunner different?

Apart from its very distinct visual style, in ArcRunner you are cloned at the start of each run with no augmentations or additions. You then attempt to get as far around the Arc as possible without dying, earning credits as you go. Credits can then be spent in the Autodoc between stages on new body-parts, weapons and other augmentations.

Each weapon and augmentation has one or more randomly-generated perks (for example, being able to double-jump or shoot through enemies) which can be combined to form truly chaotic character builds.

When you complete a stage you're also awarded Nanites, which are a persistent currency used to buy more wide-ranging upgrades which you will keep between runs.

Key features:

  • Unique and distinct Cyberpunk-esque visual style

  • Fast and frantic 3rd-person shooter action

  • More than 15 unique weapons with a randomized perk system creating thousands of possible combinations

  • Huge array of cybernetic arms, legs, torso and head augmentations for endless character builds

  • 4 distinct zones, each with its own unique set of enemies and huge multi-stage bosses

  • Engaging storyline communicated by a fully 3d-animated AI companion

  • Single-player or 2-player online co-op

  • Fantastic Retro/Synth soundtrack

The Storyline

ArcRunner is set in the far future aboard The Arc - a huge ring-like space station controlled by KORE, a vast artificial intelligence located in the centre of the station. When KORE apparently goes insane and rounds up all of the inhabitants of the Arc for recycling and repurposing, a small shard of the AI manages to firewall itself in a distant part of the station. As a last resort, this AI clones you and sends you off with one purpose: Traverse the Arc, reach KORE and restore order... or die trying!

Similar Titles

ArcRunner is a 3rd-person action rogue-lite shooter similar in gameplay to recent releases such as "Risk of Rain 2" and "Returnal", though with its own unique visual style and gameplay elements. Both of these titles were extremely popular in the rogue-lite genre, which is mostly comprised of 2-d side-scroller or top-down entries - with very few 3-d shooters.

Intended platforms

Our pre-alpha demo is currently PC-only, but we think ArcRunner would play equally well on XBox, Playstation and possibly even Switch due to the bold, stylised nature of the graphics. ArcRunner leverages Unreal Engine 4 for maximum possible compatibility, stability and porting potential.

Release schedule

The project has currently been in full-time development for 12 months, and we expect it to take around another 12 months to bring to full release. We currently have a fairly polished vertical slice of the game available which encompasses the first zone and boss.

Post Launch

As with several other notable rogue-lites (e.g. "Dead Cells") we think we can offer a varied mix of free and/or paid DLC which offer new unlockable areas and alternate paths through the game, new weapons & augments and new bosses to fight. Some of the new areas we are already considering are:

  • An underground sewer area accessible from the City. This would offer more lucrative loot and rewards and skip some areas of the game, as well as featuring a range of mutant creatures as enemies instead of the usual robotic foes.

  • A hyper-loop train which runs around the ring of the station. The player would need to fight their way onto and along the train and would be able to get on and off at stations spread throughout the game.

  • A possible futuristic motorway section with retro "Outrun" style driving sections where the player must fight enemy vehicles for rewards and weapons.

Who are we?

Trickjump Games is a small indie developer with 2 shipped titles behind us - both currently on Steam. We released our first title "Battle Royale Trainer" in early 2018, which was very popular in China, and followed that up in late 2020 with zombie apocalypse survival game "10 Miles to Safety" which we self published. We're looking to build on our previous successes with ArcRunner which we feel is our most accomplished title yet.

What are we looking for?

We're looking for a publishing partner who shares our passion for ArcRunner and is able to provide the support we need in the following areas:

  • Marketing

  • Visibility

  • Porting to consoles

  • Localisation

  • Potentially a small amount of funding

Please contact Scott ( for more information or pre-alpha demo steam codes. Thanks for your time.

Here's a short gameplay video of ArcRunner in action (click bottom-right button for sound):

And here's some screenshots from various parts of the first zone:

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